Teacher Zorka -Genially good…great…grand!

One would think that after three months of online teaching, one wouldn’t have the strength or the will to do anything related to learning, teaching or computers. Still, those who believe in lifelong learning never cease to acquire new skills or explore the possibilities. So, a group of us ( working at the same school) decided to enroll on yet another online course. And it was genuinely genial!
When you live in a country with sea access, and in a town by the sea, you can set your time and spend it equally on things you like. Like, swimming and basking in the sun, reading books and learning new things. Since we basically don’t know what would September look like re this coronavirus thing, we are preparing for the possibility of teaching online again. Genially is just a thing for it!
So we ventured to see what this tool can do for our teaching practice. With the help and tutorials of our trainer Miro , we have been shown a whole new perspective of visual teaching and learning. And what’s more important, having fun at the same time.
The tool itself has many options. If you are a teacher pro using games in the classroom, then it’s a thing for you. With Genially you can create:
  1. An interactive image which allows you to link the parts of the image with a YouTube video and give additional information about the elements of the image. From my point of view, this can be used for many things. For example, to identify vocabulary before being able to read, or to label elements of nature. It can be used for many subjects and topics.
  2. A quiz to check acquisition of your students or just let them be for a lesson.
  3. A presentation for your students. It’s a bit different from a regular PowerPoint because it’s interactive when you post it to them. And therefore, more attractive. Topic can be any, depending on the subject.
  4. An escape room. Perhaps the most demanding part of the course. It includes a lot of details which take your time (and strength ) , but the final result is worth it. You can link it to a topic you are covering. It may be to check general knowledge or understanding of a unit.
  5. A sudoku for students who like numbers. I teach English so Math is definitely not my thing, but I managed to find the way to create an English sudoku. I used grammar rules, but it can be words, parts of speech, specific vocabulary etc.
  6. A puzzle to complete the image. Not an ordinary puzzle since they have to answer the questions in order to fit the puzzles in the right place and find out what will come out.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

These are just some options of the tool. There are many others. What I liked the most is that you can either create everything on your own, or you can use some of the templates. It mostly depends on your present state of mind and will. It sure does provoke creativity with you and drives you to explore and find other ways of using the options. And the most important information for teachers in Montenegro is that it can be shared to Microsoft Teams, our new best friend.
So long for now. I hope you’ll like the tool as much as I do. Try it out. You won’t regret it.
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